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Control de accionamientos eléctricos AC

Control Sensorless de motores sincrónicos de reluctancia de alta eficiencia

The objective of this proposal is to extend the FS-MPC strategy extensively researched by the proponents, increasing the prediction horizon with the specific objective of improving the steady state performances, i.e. reducing switching ripple at the same time that: fixing the switching frequency for standard two level voltage source inverter drives (typical of low power drives) and to reduce the switching frequency and the total harmonic distortion in three level NPC drives (typical of high power applications). Additionally, the incorporation of this type of current (ore flux and torque) into senseless drives based on speed observers, based on dynamic model of the machine will be studied. This is an important topic for the future commercial adoption of this technology. The sensorless conversion of MPC controlled drives faces at least two important challenges that will be addressed in this project: The noise sensibility of high bandwidth control techniques and the incorporation of the speed estimation into the same current prediction observer for numerical efficiency. Fondecyt Nº 1120683.

Femtocell channel modeling with applications to lte hetnets