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Theoretical Particle Physics


  • High-pT hadron production
  • Pion structure at small x
  • Flavor structure of generalized parton distributions from neutrino experiments
  • Gauge boson production
  • Semi-inclusive photon-hadron production in pp and pA collisions at RHIC and LHC
  • Prompt photon production and photon-hadron correlations at RHIC and the LHC from
  • Color Glass Condensate
  • Particle Production in pA Collisions and QCD Saturation
  • CGC predictions for p+A collisions at the LHC and signature of QCD saturation
  • Analysis of combined HERA data in the Impact-Parameter dependent Saturation model
  • Lepton Flavor violating processes
  • Neutrino Physics
  • Exotic particle searches at the LHC

NLDBD at supernemo

Lepton number violation

Majorana neutrino searches

Holographic structure of hadrons

GPDs from neutrinos

Color propagation and hadronization

Dual target with cryoliquid and solid target

Neutron elastic magnetic form factor