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Carlos García
Investigador Asociado
Física Experimental de Alta Energía
Fisica de Materiales. Magnetismo y sensorica.

After completion of my BSc in Physics at the University de Oviedo (USC), I began my PhD studies under the supervision of Profs. Arkady Zhukov and Alexander Chyzhik in the Materials Physics Department of the University of the Basque Country. My research focused on the magnetic and structural properties of amorphous wires and microwires. The defense of my European PhD Thesis in April 3th 2007 was awarded with the distinction (PhD Cum Laude). After a 3 months research stay at Aichi Steel and the University of Nagoya, Japan, where I developed novel magnetic sensors based on ferromagnetic microwires exhibing GMI, I was hired for the University of the Basque Country to investigate on a new type of microwires and ribbons exhibing magnetocaloric effect for magnetic cooling applications.

In April 2008 I moved to the Magnetic Materials and Devices Group headed by Caroline Ross at Department of Materials Science (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), initially funded by a Fulbright Fellowship and later on with MIT funding. During this postdoctoral stay, I became familiar with the fabrication process and characterization of magnetic nanostructures, opening a new research line on high frequency devices which focus on the effect of the exchange bias field on the magnetoimpedance response. This research project was awarded with MIT-Seed funds in December 2010 and I was promoted to the status of MIT affiliate. In 2011, I joined the Department of Physics of Bogazici University as an Associate Professor. In 2013, I was hired by the Department of Physics of Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria as Associate Professor where I am currently working on magnetic sensors and magnetic storage applications.

I have published 65 papers in international scientific journals. I have leaded several research projects funded by different national (FONDECYT, FONDEF, FONDEQUIP, etc.) and international (FP7, HORIZON2020, MIT-SEED) research sources. Since 2013 I implemented several labs; i) Laboratory of Physical Synthesis including an AJA Sputtering and a Nanoparticules fabrication system, ii) Laboratory of Magnetic Characterization including 3 MOKEs, FMR, AGM, VNA, etc., iii) Laboratory of AFM and micromagnetic simulation including a computational cluster and an Atomic Force Microscope, iv) Laboratory of Cryogenic including a magnetic and magnetotransport characterization system from 0 to 9 Teslas and form 2-700 K.

Additional information of current research activities can be found in: www.magnanoapp.usm.cl


Carlos García